about us

Solve Hunger Corp is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that strives to help the less fortunate in times of need and struggle. ​The COVID-19 pandemic affected the lives of millions across the U.S. and left many without jobs and money. The Solve Hunger corporation is hoping to make one aspect of many people's lives accessible abundantly after a rough year for many.


The Solve Hunger corporation is looking to bring the amazing communities across the U.S. together to help the weaker communities. The goal is to make the world a better place and we can all do that together by solving hunger.  

More About the Creator

Tavish Sharma, the designer and founder of Solve Hunger Corp, is an app developer, social entrepreneur, and rising high school junior at Libertyville High School who enjoys giving back to his community. From a young age, Tavish could never wrap his head around the idea of people around the world living without access to food. He always had plenty of food to eat and couldn't believe it wasn't a reality for everyone. As he grew up and learned about the shortage of food in areas around the world, he wanted to do more to solve this problem. Throughout the years, Tavish has loved volunteering at local organizations to give back to a community which has already given so much to him. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he organized multiple food drives where he collected about 2000 pounds of food to aid the less fortunate areas in Lake County. These drives led him to want to contribute more to the solution of the hunger problem in not only his own state and city, but throughout the United States and beyond.